Eco-Friendly Style Is Great Design Wonderful Design Is Eco-Friendly Design is a web log focused on the near future of layout, tracking the inventions in technology, methods and materials that can be pushing architecture and home design towards a better and more sustainable future.

Having a desire for style inventions that improve durability, efficacy, and activity inside your home, Woodland Project’s emphasis is focused on matters and areas which are flip-up, multi-purpose, environmentally friendly, or interactional. We believe that layout harmonies content that is excellent with design. We are annoyed by the reality several of what we see being recommended as “excellent layout” in mags and at shops is all style without material. The Modernist visual that is classic is merely mirrored by a great deal of design which is contemporary with no idealistic social plan that produced Modernism this type of move which is ground breaking in the early 1900s. The reverse facet to that’s the fact that real scientific innovations – the types which will fundamentally change the way we live our lifestyles – are often not packed into enough of a fashionable aesthetic to exceed cross-over style that is well-known and marketplace teams.

Additionally, we are disappointed at seeing an emerging team called “eco-friendly style” – like durability is somehow not the same as excellent lay out normally. We believe that design should be simply “Green”. Excellent style is not about trend fashions or colour – but about taking into consideration the impact of something on the nearby environment, the social situation the meeting, along with the consumer. No structure could be seen layout that was excellent unless attempts to address a great number the problems.

We think in the initial modernist ideology that contour and operate are intertwined in design. Layout and stuff are not mutually distinctive, and Woodland Project is here now to reveal it!