4 Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Before buying a commercial garage door, you must consider what purposes will be served by it. What type of garage door is best suitable for you is determined by a number of elements. These may include:

  • The type and size of vehicles that will use this garage door.
  • The type of equipment that will be stored inside the garage.
  • The quantity of the storage items in the garage.
  • The number of people or vehicles that will pass through it.
  • Only groups of people and no vehicles will pass through it.

Doors are not just passageways to enter or exit. They are one of the sources of ventilation of air, control the inlet of sunshine, and provide protection and safety. Commercial garage doors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, are built from different materials depending on the purpose of use. The major types of garage doors include overhead doors, roll up doors, fire rated doors, and scissor gates. All of them have their own specific advantages and disadvantages which are listed below. These will help in becoming familiar with each type of the commercial garage doors.


  1. Overhead Doors:

As the name indicates, these doors are lifted via a rail or track until they come in line horizontally with the ceiling. They can be either operated manually or can be motorised by connecting with an electrical or solar resource. The automatic doors allow you to open or close them with the help of a remote button. They can be made from a variety of materials including wood, glass, metal, or aluminum. They are actually long slats combined together with hinges which aid the flexibility of the door during movement.

  1. Fire Rated Doors:

They function in the same way as the overhead doors and can be raised or lowered manually or through power-driven gear. They are made from thick and durable stainless steel which makes them different from other commercial doors as they provide a higher level of protection and security against fire and other hazards. They are also noise resistant and provide astounding insulation. They can be custom built to deal with all kinds of situations and are mostly found in warehouses, factories, mills, and parking garages. They have an auto-closing feature in case if a fire is detected.

  1. Roll Up Doors:

The roll up door is best suited for places where there is no space for the rail of the overhead doors and gets in the way. The doors are rolled in a single coil which means that the slats of a roll up door are thinner and more flexible to function properly with the movement of the door. This provides a cleaner solution while performing the same function as any other type of door.

  1. Scissor Gates:

These doors operate in an entirely different than any of the above-mentioned counterparts. They slide across either left to right or vice versa. They are made up of high-quality thick steel and provide you with the best possible protection. Once closed, they are locked like a standard door.

You can choose from any of these types by carefully analyzing which one out of them will perfectly meet your demands. Some of them provide more security than the other while some are not kind to your pocket. The best way out is to visit the market – a retailer such as Prestige Doors –  and see out for yourself the type that will best serve your purpose.