How To Select the Best Ground or Wall Anchor for Motorbikes

According to the British Motorcycle Industry Association, more than twenty six thousand motorbikes were stolen in England and Wales during 2012 alone. Two years later, in 2014, Home Office figures reveal 2,900 more motorcycles were stolen than in 2012. 80% of motorbikes are taken from the owner’s home. Bikes are apparently twice as likely to be stolen than cars. And thefts account for almost 45% of motorbike insurance claims. No wonder security is such a big deal for insurance underwriters, and no wonder premiums keep on going up and up.

ground anchor for motorcycles

The last thing you want is to become a statistic. It’s your job to keep your bike as secure as possible, which in turn will – in many cases – help bring your premiums down. It’s tough when your bike can be taken in seconds, wheeled away in record time by well-prepared thieves and driven off in a van.

Every insurer has their own underwriting criteria. But they almost all give discounts for good security, as long as you actually use the security measures you’ve put in place. You’d be surprised how many bike owners go the whole hog, fitting things like ground anchors in their garage, then don’t bother tethering their machine to the anchor! If your bike is stolen and your alarm wasn’t turned on you risk invalidating the policy altogether, which would leave you deep in the financial lurch without a legal leg to stand on.

What kind of security measures attract discounts on motorbike cover? Electronic alarms, immobilisers and GPS-based trackers are all great, as are disc locks, chains, padlocks, data tags, motorcycle ground anchor and various types of u-lock. Just bear in mind that you usually get one security discount, not a separate discount for every security measure you apply.

Immobilisers are the most highly rated with insurance companies, next to datatags and alarms. Physical security also matters to your pocket, with widely available discounts for disc locks and ground anchors. So which to choose? It’s mostly a matter of common sense. For a start, your domestic situation will influence which measures you invest in. If you don’t have a garage with a concrete floor, for example, and you want to use a concrete-in ground anchor, you’ll need to dig a trench, add concrete and fit the anchor properly. Or go with a wall anchor or shed anchor instead.

14 Hot Insurance Tips For Bike Security Success

  • If you’ve fitted a security device, keep the evidence. If you ever need to claim, the insurer can ask to see proof you had it installed. In fact they can ask to see proof any time during the life of the policy
  • Thatcham in Berkshire is a world famous UK anti-theft insurance facility where these devices are extensively tested. Look for the special Thatcham seal of approval on your immobiliser, chains or ground anchor
  • Even though you only get one discount no matter how much security you apply, it’s always worth maximising your security measures to make life as difficult as possible for bike thieves – the more tricky it is to steal, the better
  • A motorbike ground anchor is only as good as the thing it’s anchored to – you need to lock your bike to something that is both solid and immovable, which is why ground anchors – particularly the concrete-in variety – are so popular and effective. When choosing a ground anchor, look for the best bike ground anchor you can afford, since you tend to get what you pay for
  • Make sure the best motorcycle ground anchor you can afford is fitted in a position that’s hard for thieves to reach, where the chain can’t be comfortably accessed. It’s another small yet powerful way to deter thieves, simply by making their lives that little bit harder
  • If using a wall anchor, buy the best quality, most rugged and make sure the wall you fix it to is up to the strain
  • Disc locks are pretty good but on their own they don’t do much to deter theft. They’re best used in combination with other security devices
  • A steering lock is the perfect way to foil thieves. Even if they manage to remove the physical security you’ve put in place, a steering lock means they’re stuffed as regards driving your bike away
  • It makes a lot of sense to stash your bike out of sight, where thieves can’t see it in the first place… a very simple yet effective deterrent!
  • Always try to lock your bike to a dedicated motorbike stand when you’re out and about, and make it somewhere with good, bright lighting, ideally with CCTV in place as well. Failing that choose a lamp post, something no thief can walk away with. Make sure your motorbike is snug against the post with no slack on either the lock or the chain
  • Get the best quality, chunkiest chain and lock you can afford
  • If you park your bike every day, say for work, try to park it in different places so thieves don’t spot a pattern and take advantage of your habits
  • Make sure, if you have an immobiliser, that the kill switch is completely out of sight . Ideally, buy one that also includes an alarm. The best ones even send text alerts to your smartphone
  • Secure markings and data etching are all about making it harder for a thief to sell your bike once it has been nicked, and they hate coding. Code as many bits of the bike as you can to make it really tough for them, and you increase the chances of it being found and returned to you

Take all this into account and you should be able to minimise your insurance premiums and maximise your motorbike’s security – that’s what we call a win-win!

7 Simple Ideas for Home Improvement

Spring time is cleaning time for everyone. But when you are improving your homes you do not wait for special times of the year to do this. You can always do this anytime of the year, month or week. It only needs your time and creativity to make your home a better place to live in.

Creativity comes in different forms and depends on the type of person you are. Everything is different and nothing is more creative than your own kind of creation. People do home renovations and home improvements once in a while. If you are one of them then you’re probably very busy looking into big and small details such as the walls and decorations. This is really a time consuming kind of home project but a very interesting one as well. The basic home improvement activities involve painting and Hi Lite decorating. So to give you more tips on how to make your homes simply beautiful here are some ideas to start with.

1) There are painting techniques you need to know that can make your walls look good. There are proper tools in painting and only the right painters and decorators are able to make your homes beautiful.

2) You can do freestyle decorating as long as it is compatible with the furnitures and the wall paint. The goal of freestyle decorating is that it is not messy to look at. The space, and the small decorations should go together in order to create the kind of space you want for a certain area.

3) Be unique in creativity. You can always go for other alternatives if you cannot find the decors that suits your taste.

4) Do mix and match as long as the ones that you combine goes perfectly well. It is not unorganized to look at and it is pleasing to the eye. Combination can go with other decors or it can also go with the different styles mixed together whichever it is creative and artistic.

5) It is always fun and exciting to create a theme for your homes. You can go for the types of themes you want yearly or monthly. Putting a theme takes away boredom in your home and it energizes the people living in homes full of art.

6) You can put on accents, which makes homes look more lively.

7) Refurbishing also extends in being more practical. You can always go practical, like making old things new and putting some additions to things that are no longer of use. Painting these decors is a big help in creating new decors.


4 Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Before buying a commercial garage door, you must consider what purposes will be served by it. What type of garage door is best suitable for you is determined by a number of elements. These may include:

  • The type and size of vehicles that will use this garage door.
  • The type of equipment that will be stored inside the garage.
  • The quantity of the storage items in the garage.
  • The number of people or vehicles that will pass through it.
  • Only groups of people and no vehicles will pass through it.

Doors are not just passageways to enter or exit. They are one of the sources of ventilation of air, control the inlet of sunshine, and provide protection and safety. Commercial garage doors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, are built from different materials depending on the purpose of use. The major types of garage doors include overhead doors, roll up doors, fire rated doors, and scissor gates. All of them have their own specific advantages and disadvantages which are listed below. These will help in becoming familiar with each type of the commercial garage doors.


  1. Overhead Doors:

As the name indicates, these doors are lifted via a rail or track until they come in line horizontally with the ceiling. They can be either operated manually or can be motorised by connecting with an electrical or solar resource. The automatic doors allow you to open or close them with the help of a remote button. They can be made from a variety of materials including wood, glass, metal, or aluminum. They are actually long slats combined together with hinges which aid the flexibility of the door during movement.

  1. Fire Rated Doors:

They function in the same way as the overhead doors and can be raised or lowered manually or through power-driven gear. They are made from thick and durable stainless steel which makes them different from other commercial doors as they provide a higher level of protection and security against fire and other hazards. They are also noise resistant and provide astounding insulation. They can be custom built to deal with all kinds of situations and are mostly found in warehouses, factories, mills, and parking garages. They have an auto-closing feature in case if a fire is detected.

  1. Roll Up Doors:

The roll up door is best suited for places where there is no space for the rail of the overhead doors and gets in the way. The doors are rolled in a single coil which means that the slats of a roll up door are thinner and more flexible to function properly with the movement of the door. This provides a cleaner solution while performing the same function as any other type of door.

  1. Scissor Gates:

These doors operate in an entirely different than any of the above-mentioned counterparts. They slide across either left to right or vice versa. They are made up of high-quality thick steel and provide you with the best possible protection. Once closed, they are locked like a standard door.

You can choose from any of these types by carefully analyzing which one out of them will perfectly meet your demands. Some of them provide more security than the other while some are not kind to your pocket. The best way out is to visit the market – a retailer such as Prestige Doors –  and see out for yourself the type that will best serve your purpose.


Getting Help from Social Media on Home Décor

Social media has provided a great platform for sharing content among people for both personal and business purposes. It is a great source in providing information on any topic that is of interest to the person searching for it. From text to images, from videos to webinars, everything is available on the social media to satisfy the need of the person in search of anything.


If you have finally collected enough money to change the décor of your house then instead of consulting a designer or interior decorator, it is better to just use your smartphone. Why waste your money on a simple consultation when you can use it to buy another item for your house? The best help you can get is not from any of the professional himself rather from the images that you find on social media agents like Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr. Be your own interior designer by looking for the newest trends, ideas, and designs on these websites or apps.

Look for the accounts of interior decoration companies and designers on Instagram and make sure to press the “Follow” button. This way you’ll keep an eye on their latest designs and what they’ll offer in coming time. Look for exciting themes that will look amazing in your bedroom or living room. Keep an eye on people who share their fun and unique ideas on their Instagram accounts. These are non-professional people who take up interior decoration as a passion and are ready to help any person who is in need of an instant creative advice. Save a few dollars by taking advantage of the generosity of such people.

Pinterest works differently than Instagram. Your account is more like your personal board where you can pin images you find on the app. These images can be found from anywhere on the web and have been re-posted on this site. Make your own boards by finding interesting images and amalgamate them to come up with a unique and interesting theme. Your boards are basically a representation of your inspiration. You can check out the boards of your favourite designers and interior decorators and follow their inspirations if you want to. Each image also provides the chance to track the original source so if you are in love with some unique furniture item, you can look out for the place where you can buy it. Website pages like can also provide inspiration.

Flickr is another site that allows people to upload photos in various categories and you know exactly what categories to search to find an easy solution for your home décor concerns. Look for various ideas. You can even mix them together to create something of your own but, it should better be a creative blend instead of something of a disaster.

All these resources provide you with a free of cost advice for your home décor. You will find the most interesting ideas and concepts for every corner of the house be it the kitchen, the bathroom, the guest room, or even your garden. Look around the web and come up with something unique of your own. Step into the market with your newly acquired knowledge and ideas and get the most amazing new look for your house.

Turn your loft into liveable space

The real estate marketplace in the UK is seeing bad days, and it’s also bad news for the ones who want to have a larger house. A homeowner desires property that is bigger while the family is enlarging. Now it’s a big problem both to buy and sell a property.

Boost the worth of your property

So, if you are planning to shift your property, give it a second thought. If you own a loft in your home, then you can certainly convert it into a space that is good. A loft conversion increases the space within your house as well as enriches the worth of your home. An average attic conversion takes only 6-8 weeks. You need to get the proper people, for the do-it-yourself work and never handling the project yourself.

The trend of attic conversion is extremely much in these days. The principal advantage of loft conversions is that there is no demand for permission from the local building authorities. It is advisable to discuss your project with your neighbors.

Turn it into an amusement room- the correct choice for children

The attic is shut off from the remainder of the house without causing discomfort to the homeowners, in order to get a private space. If your loft includes a large floor space, you can convert it into a home entertainment or a dance floor. So, that is an excellent option for an entertainment room.

Select a skilled team

So that you can rely on your referrals and recommendations it is very vital that you find the proper local architect. A seasoned contractor knows what’s needed of the homeowners and is going to have a proficient architect in his team. He’s the person who makes sure the planning will now have some influence on the building structure and is not imperfect. A reputable construction company will have a trained professional turn your loft conversion into a beautiful liveable space. We recently had our loft conversion completed by a Worthing builders company, they came recommended from a friend. A worthy recommendation from your friends, associates, neighbors and other acquaintances will help you find a company that is potential locally.



Do not opt for DIY

DIY might look the best option when it comes to the cost of loft conversion. Nevertheless, you do not have a lot of time or the appropriate group of tools to perform the project and finish it successfully on time. A skilled contractor will help you to save money and time. With attic conversion that is successful, selling your house is simple. You will also get valid certificates, and an expert loft adds a lot of importance to your home and guarantee.

The contract is significant

Significance should be given by you to the contract as well as the file should contain the information on the whole endeavor. It is not bad in case you set up a milestone to make sure the professional does the work within the time period and your budget. The contract is advantageous for both parties and may aid in case of any disputes.

Picking The Right Art Piece for Your Space

Picking The Right Art Piece for Your Space

Perhaps you’re confined by a more seasoned living space with existing decorations, or overpowered by the potential outcomes a stark new space may offer. Perhaps you’re improving with boundless trusts, or on a shoe string spending plan. What ever the circumstances, encircled craftsmanship and prints can offer various answers for designing quandaries, and they are frequently enter components in uniting a room.

To utilize encircled craftsmanship effectively, as divider style, shading, and gathering, extents and hanging should be given cautious thought. Start by contemplating the inclination or state of mind you wish to pass on. Consider the hues and styles of existing furniture, you may wish to strengthen, complexity or supplement particularly those that would be troublesome or exorbitant to change, for example, ground surface or lavatory installations. Study the space itself. Is it substantial and sweeping, with high roofs, or little and personal?

In this way, now that you’ve started considering state of mind, space, shading and situation, here are a few considerations about materials and apparatuses. On the off chance that protection is a critical concern, the tangling material ought to be one hundred percent corrosive free cloth board. This is the thing that historical centers utilization. Twofold mats may function admirably in circumstances where you need to amplify an accent shading. The intonation hued mat is normally set under the lighter tangle so just around one sixteenth to one quarter inch (around three to five centimeters) of it shows. Mats are normally four handle, yet thicker, eight utilize mats can truly attract the eye. They work best with photographs and little prints. Silk mats may be utilized as a part of more formal and exemplary circumstances. In the event that a mat is not utilized there are spacers, called filets that may be utilized to keep the piece from touching the glass. This keeps buildup from framing. UV glass does not counteract, but rather will chop down the measure of blurring, after some time. Continuously verify your mat and edge are not occupying the viewer’s eye away. They ought to compliment the piece, not go after consideration. What’s more, at long last, I propose a level and a decent tough mallet, in case you’re doing the hanging yourself.

Cautious hanging, connections, and gathering will help give an expert look. Solidarity is most essential in bringing a showcase of pictures, prints and photos together. Gathering edges for your dividers are will offer character to the setting. Outlines in the same shading and completions bring together a gathering, regardless of the fact that photos are of different shapes and sizes. Surrounding diverse subjects with the same shading mount additionally helps solidarity.

Setting every one of the things you wish to assemble for a specific divider, on the floor in that room is a simple approach to imagine an arrangement. You can revise the things until you are fulfilled. At that point, venture back and check the course of action, before heading off to the divider. Keep in mind, a steady dividing component between every thing is critical.

The Revolution In Housing Coming From Building Tiny Homes

The Revolution In Housing Coming From Building Tiny Homes

In case you are not aware, more and more people have now moved into tiny spaces because not only do they find it economical, but also it is something that they found reasonable. It is no longer something someone should be ashamed of. There are different groups of organization in every country that handles the production and awareness of building tiny houses.

There are thousands of people in the US alone participating in this movement. And yes, there is such a thing now as The Tiny House Movement. Joining the people involved in it would create awareness in an individual on how he or she could experience living in freedom just by owning a tiny home.

Now, why would you want to be a part of it? If you are sick and tired of paying mortgages, rent and property tax that you feel like you’re only working and living to keep up with your piled up bills, then it is time to rethink your lifestyle and how being in this movement could end your suffering from capitalism. Everyday, people in America work non-stop just so they could pay their housing and have food on the table. It is okay if you can handle it and if it is not preventing you from actually living.

Improving your housing situation is a must and building tiny homes is a way to get you out of a debt or a financial situation that is starting to pluck your last nerve. You don’t need to stress yourself so much just to have a place to stay. It is not even worth it to be stressed on this subject because that could even jeopardize your health.

How do you start with this project? It is pretty simple; the first thing you need to find is a location where you want to build it. Next is to find a provider for tiny homes production or construction. You can pull off building one with just less than $5,000 and this is doable if you know how to really budget and know where to get the right materials and people who would help you with it. You would be surprised but others have even managed to build a tiny home even lower than that!

Most of the time, people have gained success with projects like this is because they have decided to build a tiny home on their own. It could be a lot of work, but this might be the only choice you have if you really want to cut on the cost of everything, especially when it comes to contractors and other laborers.

When you build a tiny house, you actually get to be excluded from paying property taxes, especially if you put wheels under it. Mobile homes are another kind of tiny homes that would spare you from paying a lot of bills like your mortgages and property taxes.

There are pros and cons of course in living with this kind of house, but we must say that the pros are a lot than the cons. We’ll tackle that next time so stick around!